Byga Messaging vs Realtime Chat Overview

Byga provides two main communication options, Byga Messaging, which is email based, and Byga Chat, for real-time communication within Teams and Groups.

Byga Messaging on Web and Mobile App

Byga users are defined by their email address. A Byga message results in the following actions:

  • Email: an email is sent to each recipient’s email address (typically viewed by the recipient in their email client such as Gmail)
  • Message Inbox: the message also becomes available in the recipient’s Byga Messaging Inbox
  • Sender Optional Mobile alerts: optionally the sender can use the Time Sensitive option to also send a mobile app notification to each recipient that has the mobile app
  • Optional recipient configured SMS alerts: If the recipient has set a phone number and mobile carrier in their communication settings and authorized SMS messages, then messages sent with the Time Sensitive option will also result in an SMS message in addition to a mobile app notification. This can be helpful for the small set of users that don’t install the mobile app.
  • Byga Messaging can be invoked without any context requiring manual recipient selection or can be associated with a player, a user, a team, or some other preconfigured recipient list.

Byga Chat

The Byga mobile app has an embedded chat client for real-time Team and Group chat.

  • Pre-defined chat groups: users are able to chat with all users in their team or all users in their groups (when chat has been enabled for the team or group)
  • Mobile Alerts: chat messages will always send a mobile notification to recipients that have the mobile app
    • Recipients have the option to silence mobile notifications for individual teams or groups
  • Teamcast Chats: during games Teamcasts can be used to provide score, time, and play updates

Communication Tool Access on Mobile

Mobile provides access to both email based Byga Messaging as well as realtime Byga Chat.

Communication Tool Access on Web

The main header provides access to Byga messaging without any context. Recipients will need to be manually selected.

For more information, please reference Byga Communication Tools - Messaging, Chat, System Notifications

Jan 26, 2024