Byga Messaging (email based) on Web

Web App: Layout

The interface provides many of the standard functions for creating an email. Users can send Byga Messages to recipient’s email clients (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Web App: Composing Message and Selecting Recipients

Click on the New Email button to start composing a message. In addition, if users are within various portions of the app (e.g., a team, an event), clicking on the Byga message icon will automatically populate the relevant recipients.

  1. Users can manually add recipients via the search menu from their teams and groups
    1. Users can add any club recipient list they have permission to message (shown on the left panel).
  2. Recipients can either be on the To: or Bcc: line.
  3. By default, when sending a Byga message only an email is sent. The sender can specify that the message is time sensitive. Only if this is done will a mobile alert also be sent to recipients.
    1. Note, recipients may separately get mobile alerts from their email client (e,.g., Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) if they have notifications set up for their email client.
  4. Save as Draft: Message drafts can be saved in the Drafts tab
  5. Admin features:
    1. Save as Template: frequently used messages along with their recipient lists can be saved in the Templates tab
    2. Admin Only Feature: Users with the Use Club Emails permission can make the Reply To as one of the Club Emails configured in the Club’s General Settings → Emails.

Sending Email to Team Members

If a user has more than one team, it is necessary to navigate via the team page if they need to contact only a subset of the team.

Messaging a Single Player Contact or User

The following options may be available. Access to message a player contact may be restricted by permissions:

  1. Either search for the user in the message compose screen

  1. Follow these instructions to message an individual player contact:
    1. Go to the team page
    2. Click on the roster (or the Staff if needing to message a specific team staff)
    3. Click on a player contact
    4. If permitted to message, click on the mail icon
    5. If access is provided to the user’s phone number, an option will be available to call or send an SMS text message.

Please follow the club policies on communications regardless of permission settings.

Manage Message in Inbox List Tab

The following information is available in the inbox list screen.

  1. Unread messages are not distinguished from read messages because users are more likely to read their Byga messages on their email client.
  2. A search option is available to search message content within the inbox.
  3. Messages that were sent with the times sensitive option, will show a bell icon.

When clicking on a message, the following controls are available:

  1. Forward to different recipients, reply to the sender or reply to all
  2. All of the compose message controls are available after clicking on message forward or reply
  3. Delete message

Manage Message in Sent Folder Tab

A copy of each Byga message sent by the user is found in the Sent folder.

  • Sent messages can be searched.

When clicking on a sent message, the following controls are available:

  • Copy the message with the same recipients.
  • After copying the message, all of the compose message controls are available.

Manage Message in Drafts Folder Tab

Messages being composed can be saved as a draft. These messages are saved in the Draft tab.

  • When clicking on a draft message, the message reverts to the compose message state.

Manage Message in Templates Folder Tab

Messages being composed can be saved as templates. These messages are saved in the Templates tab.

When clicking on a template message, the message reverts to the compose message state.

For more information, please reference Byga Communication Tools - Messaging, Chat, System Notifications