Mobile Chat

Mobile App: Chat List

The Chats tab provides a list of chat groups for each user’s teams and groups.
The Teamcasts provides a list of the user’s live game Teamcasts.

Mobile App: Chat Compose

Users can add text chats and can add attachments (photos, video clips or files).

Mobile App: Chat Room Settings

The following settings are available for each chat room:

  1. View the members in the chat room.
    1. Click on a chat room member, communication options available to the user include
      1. Phone call, sms text: if the user has permission to access the member’s phone number
      2. Email: via a Byga Message
    2. Mute mobile notifications for the chat room.
  2. Search for phrases in the chat history.
  3. Change the cover icon for the chat room.

Web App: Team Read-only Chat View

A tab in the team page on the web app provides a read-only view of the team chat.

Mobile App: Teamcast Chats

Teamcast chats enable real-time sharing of game score, play and timer updates.

Teamcasts are documented separately as part of Gameday tools.

For more information, please reference Byga Communication Tools - Messaging, Chat, System Notifications