Byga Mobile App Notifications and Badge Alerts

To receive mobile notifications, the device settings must be set appropriately. These settings can be found in “...” (More) → Settings → Device Settings → Notifications. Note, iOS example is shown, but similar screens will be present for Android. In Android, there may be additional settings to ensure that Byga is permitted to operate in the background (otherwise notifications may not be possible).

When set accordingly, a mobile notification and an app badge will appear:

  • Upon receipt of a Byga Message sent with the time sensitive option
  • Mobile Chat message

Byga adds badges that guide the user to where new notifications were received (either Byga message or chats). These are cleared once the user navigates to the Chat list or the Message  Inbox list

Web App: System Email Preferences

Byga sends various automated system emails to users. Users can define enable or disable these system emails:

  • Club announcements and system emails
  • Group system emails
  • Team system emails
  • Team Staff: system updates to centralized practices or game event schedules are emailed to Team Staff only with a button to notify the team once they review the schedule changes. Recommendation: if the changes are time sensitive, team staff should send a Byga message with the time sensitive option or a chat message.

Users can also enable the following controls:

  • SMS notification when a Byga message is sent with the time sensitive option.
  • Signature text for Byga Messages.

Mobile App: System Email Preferences

In mobile, the notification preference settings are found in “...” More → Settings → Messaging Preferences.

Settings and Permissions

Users can control the following settings:

  • Individual Chat room notifications: mute or unmute
  • Device Settings for mobile notification: banners, sounds, and badges
  • System email notification preferences

Clubs define the permissions available to team and group members.

  • Directory → Teams → Team Group settings: various messaging permissions
  • Directory → Teams → Team setting: is chat enabled for the team
  • General Settings → Roles → Group and Role settings
    • Who can message each club role
    • Can members message the users in a club role
  • General Settings → Emails: define the club email address that admins can use
  • General Settings → Notifications: player event email notifications and system event notifications (only if system event notifications are enabled for the club here will users’ system email preference controls have an impact)

Byga Admin can contact Byga Support for the following:

  • Enable chat for the club
  • Enable SMS notifications for users that want the redundancy in addition to the mobile notifications for Byga messages
  • To enable exception to support chat for unusually large teams or groups

Admin Communication Tools and Scenarios

Byga Messaging and System Email Notifications are embedded within the various Byga workflows. This is outside the scope of this document.  A separate document is available that organizes the embedded communication tools for staff with access to Byga workflows.

For more information, please reference Byga Communication Tools - Messaging, Chat, System Notifications