Changing Payment Account Number

Changing Payment Information

From the web, log into your BYGA account using the same email address used at time of registration. If in the mobile app. click on the 3 dots menu icon (...), bottom right and go to “Web Version” to get to the web app. In the upper right-hand corner--> click on the three lines, go to silhouette / photo --> dropdown select billing --> select the appropriate invoice.

If the installment plan was set up to pay by credit card, enter the new card account information. By clicking “Submit Now”, the payment will be processed using the new card information.

If the installment plan was set up to pay by eCheck you will only be able to change bank account information from one bank to another or account type within the same banking institution.

A successful payment must be processed before the new account information will be activated.

If wanting to change from bank (eCheck) to credit card or vice versa you will need to contact your club administrator.

BYGA processes scheduled installments shortly after the end of the due date. It is important that changes have successfully been updated prior to the auto-billing taking place. BYGA provides an email reminder about 48 hours before the auto charge — this message will provide a link to the invoice where the update can be made.

Please contact your cub administrator regarding questions about fees, installments or payment type issue contact for technical difficulties.