Logging into Byga

The following cover various steps or issues for logging into your Byga account:

  • Your club official will provide an invitation to set up a user account. A parent / guardian with an account may also invite another family member as an additional contact for their player.  Regardless of how you received the invite, follow the instructions in the activation link.
  • Note, if your activation link has expired, please ask your club for a new activation link.
  • If you have previously set up your account but forgot your password, use the forgot password link in the login screen and follow the instructions to reset your password.
  • If you do not have the club site, use the following article to find it: How do I find my club on Byga?
  • Use the same credential when logging into the mobile app.

Please Note: If you have signed up for a tryout, camp, or recreational program.  Accounts do not become active for viewing until the player has been added to a team. Please contact your club administrator for questions regarding team placement.

For more information: Byga QuickStart Guide