Creating and Editing a Player Profile

Find the Player Recruiting Profile within the Player Profile tab.

It should be noted that the public profile is available to anyone with the player profile link. As part of the recruiting process, club and team officials will distribute the team brochure and player profiles to college coaches.

General Tab

Use the information in the General tab to provide some of the player’s basic information. The player contact email and phone number can only be edited by one of the player’s primary contacts.

Soccer Tab

Use the Soccer tab to provide soccer specific information.

Academic Tab

Use the Academic tab to provide academic information.

Videos Tab

Use the Videos tab to include highlight videos.

Photo Tab

Use the Photos tab to include a player photo (the roster photo is used by default and a banner image (the club logo is used by default).

Delete Tab
Delete Player Recruiting Profile. When a player recruiting profile needs to be deleted, this can be done from the Delete tab.

If merging duplicate players, only one can have a recruiting profile. The one recruiting profile is retained in a player merge.